News and Appearances - 2001

Keith Brooke and Nick Gevers guest-edited the March issue of the British SF magazine Interzone, with stories and the main non-fiction features by the contributors of the infinity plus Web site (including an SF on the Internet piece by Pete Tillman). Michael Swanwick wrote a set of five short-short stories titled "Five British Dinosaurs".
(December 2001)

Several new stories are going to be published soon. First, a story called "The Last Greek" ...

Michael Swanwick says:
"The story you're talking about is actually titled «The Last Geek,» and will appear in an anthology of Southern fantasy edited by Andy Duncan and Brett Cox, to be published by a press located in (ironically enough) Vermont. People think I'm having a laugh at my own expense when I say it's autobiographical, but when first I finished it and read it through, I honest to God did think, «Le Geek, c'est moi!»

Michael's addition: "The anthology is Crossroads: Southern Stories of the Fantastic, published by Invisible Cities Press of Montpelier, Vermont. I used to live in Vermont, but nowhere so far north as Montpelier."

More stories coming:
"I've also sold a short story titled «'Hello,' Said the Stick» to Analog. I sent it to Stan, along with a note saying, 'Every twenty years, I make a stab at selling you a story, whether you want me to or not.' It was my first sale there ever; all my Analog-writer friends are ever so happy for me. And yet another dino story, «A Great Day for Brontosaurs» to Asimovs. Finally, I sold «Dirty Little War» to a Vietnam anthology edited by Byron Tetrick, titled In the Shadow of the Wall. I've been trying to write a Vietnam story for thirty years, and only now managed to find the distance to do it. Also, Byron was one of my students at Clarion West. So I'm particularly pleased with this story. And I turned in my most recent batch of short-shorts to Ellen Datlow at Sci Fiction - so the series has made it all the way to element 39, Yttrium.

"I'm also working on a lot of other stuff. Halfway through a couple of hard-sf space stories. And two days and eight pages into «King Dragon,» which brings contemporary conventional warfare to Faerie ... a story that's really got its hooks into my imagination. A new Darger and Surplus story. Researching the next novel, and could maybe begin writing it in a few months. A collaboration with Eileen Gunn involving Zeppelins, naked brains in beakers, and radio science! And I'm considering taking on another short-short series for Eileen's ezine, The Infinite Matrix, which as it transpires is not dead after all.
(October 2001)

Eos Books site, started publishing Michael Swanwick's Field Guide to Mesozoic Megafauna, a set of short-short stories.

The author said in August:
"There are thirteen stories, and they'll be going up one every two weeks, starting 9/17/01, with the final one being posted 2/20/02, when Bones of the Earth goes on sale. Twelve of the stories are new; the last, «Proving Dr. Tom's Hypothesis», first appeared, well ..."

Since the first story was delayed for two weeks ...
(October/August 2001)

Michael Swanwick's booklength interview with Gardner Dozois, titled Being Gardner Dozois, released. The publisher is Old Earth Books. Read the review by Nick Gevers at Locus Online.
(August 2001)

Michael Swanwick's collection Tales of Old Earth won the Locus award as the best collection of the year. More in Locus Online.
At the same time, a story from the collection, "The Raggle Taggle Gypsy-O", is nominated for the World Fantasy Award. More in Locus Online.
Read the review of the collection.
(August 2001)

NESFA Press's new collection of stories by Gardner Dozois, Strange Days, due for release at the Worldcon in Philadelphia (Aug 30 - Sept 03 2001), reprints five stories by Michael Swanwick in collaboration with Dozois and (in four cases) Jack Dann. They are:

Afternoon at Schrafft's
The Gods of Mars
Golden Apples of the Sun
Snow Job (with Dozois only)

Also featured is Michael Swanwick's introduction to the collection, titled "The Strange and Fabulous Journey of Gardner Dozois", as well as his introductions to the stories "Snow Job" and "Executive Clemency".
(August 2001)

Sci Fiction started publishing Michael Swanwick's Periodic Table of Science Fiction. One short-short "element" story will apear on the site every week. Only the first six elements were written for The Infinite Matrix before its lamentable demise.
(June 2001)

Michael Swanwick about his upcoming novel:
"... the novel's title has been finalized. It's now Bones Of The Earth. Still scheduled for next February."

Earlier, he said:
"The Asimov's [dinosaur] stories were sketches to work out the feel I wanted for the novel. They occur in a kind of parallel dream-time, and in a sense never happened at all. (The novel will explain this more clearly than I possibly can here.) The novel is mostly about paleontologists studying dinos up and down the Mesozoic, with a sortie forward to 250 My C.E. for a consultation with the inventors of time travel. Mostly it's about science as a passionate pursuit. To a lesser degree, it's about extinction. But a hopeful, upbeat take on extinction."
(Feb/June 2001)
Read the sample chapter

Locus Online announces:
Swanwick, Michael - Gravity's Angels
(Frog Ltd. 1-58394-029-4, $16.95, 350pp, tpb, March 2001,
jacket art Michael Dashow, jacket design Michael Dashow)
Reprint (Arkham House 1991).
New edition of Swanwick's first short story collection, with 13 stories, including Swanwick's two near-simultaneous debut novelettes from 1980, "The Feast of St. Janis" and "Ginungagap" (both Nebula nominees), and Sturgeon Award-winner "The Edge of the World" (1989).
(3 Apr 2001, Locus Online: What's New)


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