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No, no. Wait a bit before you send your question.

First, let us tell you that, no, we are not selling any of Michael's books here. Nor does Michael. Unfortunate but true.


Well, Michael's words describe it best:

"I'm afraid I'm not organized enough to sell things out of my home. Or, rather, I subscribe to Marianne's theory that you only have so much organization in your life, and the more you put into one aspect (such as housekeeping), the less you have to put into the rest (such as work). And, I just realized right now, every time I begin to get organized, I start another literary project. Suddenly a harsh and revelatory light is cast upon my entire life." - MS, May 2000

Nevertheless, there are so many things you can ask us and tell us. You can tell us that this site stinks, you can ask us why something was done the way it was done, you can tell us that this site is the best you've ever seen and you can heap Michael and us with praise and adulation, or you can ask something about Michael's works that's been bugging you for a long time. Every interesting question will be, time and work permitting, answered by Michael and put into the reviews & analysis section.

But what we'd like best is your contribution. If you have a review of one of Michael's books or an academic essay, you're the person we are looking for. Only, we are not going to accept them indiscriminately, you know. When we cannot decide by ourselves ... well, let us tell you just that We Know People. A word to the wise, as the saying goes.

Enough said.

The floor is yours.

My name is ...

My e-mail address is ...

... and I want to ask you ...

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