The Squalid Truth

Truth may be stranger than fiction but, let's face it, it's a lot less fun. Which is why I have as little to do with the stuff as possible. Occasionally, however, somebody slips in a letter which can't be answered in my smart-alecky "Unca Mike" manner, and so, for those rare occasions, we have created this feature, in which I answer honest questions in a straightforward manner, without any ironic overtones at all.

A couple of ground rules, first: You're allowed to gush about how cool the site is (these guys have done a great job here, haven't they?), but not about my work that's just boring. I won't offer serious writing advice. And I don't guarantee that just because you write, your letter will be posted.

Other than that, though, everything said here is the squalid truth. Let's not abuse it.


What sorts of notebooks dominate the archive in "Scribbledehobbledehoydenii"?

I can only conclude that you are another anti-semite asshole.

Are you or are you not a cyberpunk?

Is R.A. Lafferty the Catholic Kafka?

SF conventions in the Carribean

Last line in Lord of the Rings

Will there be a Darger and Surplus novel?

Source of Magick in Stations of the Tide?

I have doubts that I'll get published.

I'd like to read "Hope-in-the-Mist".

What will you do when you reach element 118?

A comment on the Holmium entry.

Why the title "Trojan Horse"?

Do you know that 110 is to be named?

Various questions about The Iron Dragon's Daughter.

Is the world in The Iron Dragon's Daughter just Jane's hallucination?

I'm trying to write a novel of my own...

To what extent does faith influence your writing?

What is your next uncommercial project?

Tell me something about your childhood and past...

Darwin was not an atheist...

Will Sleep of Reason see print?

Ever thought about writing comics?

About Anna Quinsland...

Petition for Darfur

Reproductive strategies?

Screenplay from Stations of the Tide?

Is time travel an exhausted topic?

What was that Van Vogt paraphrase all about?

Who is that guy named "Archers-Wang 43?"

A thank you for the visit to Aelita con

The Iron Dragon's Daughter, Spiral Castle...

Bones of the Earth hints at the hypothesis proposed by Larry Niven's essay on time-travel...

Will Periodic Table be a book?

Why is there no Letters column in Asimov's?

What is Rooster's real name?

Year and season for King Dragon?

King Dragon novel?

A series of stories about an assassin?

Philadelphia youth symphony orchestra

Story beginning "He died"?

The pickle experiment...

Iron Dragon's Daughter published by Avon?

Gibson's The Log of Mustang Sally?

Did you actually know Alice Sheldon?

Your comics debut?

Movie out of one of your stories?

Iron Dragon's Daughter, movie...

A story about mermaids

A quick thank you for Clarion

Your review of Strangers

An idea about hive minds

Periodic Table

A new novel?

Mandrell out!

What is a "fantasia?"

A fan of Lud-in-the-Mist

Bones of the Earth and time travel again

Was Cabell a misogynist?

Lizzie O'Brien in other stories?

The theory of triangles?

Gene Wolfe blurb

Sleep of Reason

Vacuum Flowers and Eucrasia

Surplus, Darger, female astronauts

Statement about Triceratops Summer

Observation on Changeling

Product of your mind?

King Dragon again

Introduction to Lafferty?

Will and his mother?

One mind – one body?

What about Ubik?

Darger pronunciation?

More questions about Iron Dragon's Daughter

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