Gallery - Tales of Old Earth by Michael Dashow

Tales of Old Earth by Michael Dashow

© Michael Dashow 1999, used with permission

Michael Dashow says: "I had the opportunity to read this collection while I was travelling around Australia for the 1999 WorldCon convention there. That was the con where three of Swanwick's stories were nominated for Hugo awards (with «The Very Pulse of the Machine» winning.) It's an amazing collection, and just about any story in the book could have made a great cover. I did sketches for a number of them, but once the name of the book was arrived at, the dinosaur image rose to the top of the list as being most appropriate for the title. I knew I was taking a great risk painting a dinosaur as the focus of the cover - it would probably never compare favorably with a James Gurney illustration - but sometimes you have to set yourself up with lofty goals just to push yourself. Swanwick and I exchanged e-mails, where he recommended books and artists that he had used as reference when writing the story «Riding the Giganotosaur», so I found them to use for my own reference. In the end, I hope that what I came up with matches Michael's own image of George, the story's title character."

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