Gallery - Gravity's Angels by Michael Dashow

Gravity's Angels by Michael Dashow

© Michael Dashow 2000, used with permission

Michael Dashow says: "This earlier collection of stories was both easier and more difficult than the cover from Tales of Old Earth. They were done to be a set, so once I worked out the jacket design for the first book to be published, Tales of Old Earth, it was easy to change the logo and color scheme to arrive at the book design for Gravity's Angels. (Any differences between the two were introduced by North Atlantic Books.) However, I still had to come up with the ideal cover image. Because the original Arkham House printing of the book had so many great illustrations by Janet Aulisio, one for each story, it was a challenge to pick out images from stories without directly duplicating her work. I started with sketches from «A Midwinter's Tale» and «The Blind Minotaur» (talking to Michael a lot about his inspirations for that tale) but was unappy with the direction that the art was going. Finally I decided to work on an image from «The Transmigration of Philip K», an odd choice in that it's an homage to Philip K. Dick ... but it was the image that most excited me at the time, so it was what I moved forward with."

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