Gallery - Five British Dinosaurs by Dominic Harman

Five British Dinosaurs by Dominic Harman

© Dominic Harman 2002, used with permission

Dominic Harman says: "I was commissioned to illustrate the cover for Interzone as part of the infinity plus collaboration and was given a choice of stories by Keith Brooke [one of the guest editors]. The moment I read Swanwick's "Five British Dinosaurs" I was drawn to it as the most visually rich and interesting. I was first leaning towards another part of the story to illustrate but I was increasingly inspired by this scene depicting the civilized Megalosaurus with his walking stick, top hat and monocle. I illustrated him being greeted with more than a little surprise by a passer by. I also wanted to make it quite atmospheric, which was typical Victorian London, so I set the scene at dusk and used the lamp as the main light source. The posters reflect the times and there are a few jokes in there as well, which is in keeping with the flavour of the story."

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