Against the War

Why This Is Here

Quite simply, I'm doing this because SFWA won't. Just recently I learned that Sam J. Lundwall, after years of service to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America as their Overseas Regional Director, had resigned because he couldn't get them to issue a statement of opposition to war on Iraq. This touched my conscience. So I wrote up a statement of my own and mentioned to a few friends what I was doing. A few hours later, I had over thirty names. Originally the statement was issued as members of SFWA, "despite the official neutrality of our organization." But for various reasons this offended so many people that the statement's serious intent was in danger of being obscured by trivial controversy. Hence its present form.

More names would be welcome. SF professionals who wish to sign the statement can email me at

Michael Swanwick

We, as science fiction and fantasy professionals, hereby register our opposition to the impending invasion of Iraq. Some of us are opposed because it is a violation of international law. Some are opposed because it is contrary to the ideals that America strives to uphold. Some think this war is simply wrong. We all call on those in power to prevent it.

Sam J. Lundwall
Eleanor Arnason
Fiona Avery
Robin Wayne Bailey
Ian Banks
Judith Berman
Michael Bishop
Richard Bowes
Keith Brooke
Steven Brust
Emma Bull
Pat Cadigan
Michael Capobianco
Richard Chwedyk
Kerrie Colantonio
Bruce Coville
Kathryn Cramer
Jeff Crook
Jack Dann
Ellen Datlow
Pamela Dean Dyer-Bennet
Stephen Dedman
Alyx Dellamonica
Gene DeWeese
Madeleine Reardon Dimond
Cory Doctorow
Candas Jane Dorsey
L. Timmel Duchamp
Andy Duncan
Jean-Claude Dunyach
David Dvorkin
Claire Eddy
Gregory Feeley
Jeffrey Ford
Karen Joy Fowler
Robert Frazier
Carl Frederick
Gregory Frost
Anna Genoese
ElizaBeth Gilligan
Greer Gilman
Lisa Goldstein
Phyllis Gotlieb

Steven Gould
Eileen Gunn
Joe Haldeman
Elizabeth Hand
Jed Hartman
Dan Hatch
Kenneth L. Houghton
Glenn Hauman
Harry Harrison
Howard V. Hendrix
Nalo Hopkinson
Richard Kadrey
James Patrick Kelly
Mark R. Kelly
John Kessel
Sarah Elizabeth Bear Kindred
Tappan King
Yoshio Kobayashi
Jak Koke
Nancy Kress
Douglas Lain
Warren Lapine
Deborah Layne
Ursula K. Le Guin
William Leisner
Ron Leming
Kelly Link
Karwynn Long
Ken MacLeod
Nick Mamatas
Terry McGarry
Maureen McHugh
Beth Meacham
John Miller
Mario Milosevic
Laura J. Mixon
Nancy Jane Moore
James Morrow
Kevin Andrew Murphy
Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
Debbie Notkin
Patrick O'Leary

Rebecca Ore
Paul Park
Frederik Pohl
Tim Pratt
Sarah Prineas
Mark Rudolph
Madeleine E. Robins
Kim Stanley Robinson
Benjamin Rosenbaum
Deborah J. Ross
Michaela Rossner
Christopher Rowe
Richard Paul Russo
Don Sakers
Pamela Sargent
Heather Shaw
Lucius Shepard
Delia Sherman
Will Shetterly
Janni Lee Simner
Sarah Smith
Allen Steele
Charles Stross
Lucy Sussex
Michael Swanwick
Judith Tarr
Lois Tilton
Dave Trowbridge
Jean-Louis Trudel
Jeff Vandermeer
Gordon Van Gelder
Elisabeth Vonarburg
Jo Walton
Ian Watson
Peter Watts
Brook West
Julia West
Robert Freeman Wexler
Leslie What
Robert Charles Wilson
Paul Witcover
Betsy Wollheim

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